SÃO PAULO – JBS S.A. announced a change in its corporate leadership. In January, the global president of operations role will be reinstated and held jointly by André Nogueira, who will lead the operations in North America, and Wesley Batista Filho, who will lead the operations in Latin America and Oceania, and the global plant-based business. Both will report to Gilberto Tomazoni, Global chief executive officer.

“We have reinstated this structure to ensure our focus on operational excellence, people and our culture, and better prepare our company to pursue our sustainability and growth strategy, while preserving independence and speed in decision making across our global businesses,” Tomazoni said.

Nogueira has been with the company since 2007 and is the current CEO of JBS USA. He previously served as chief financial officer of JBS USA and also led JBS in Australia.

Filho, current CEO of JBS in South America and Seara, led the beef division of JBS USA until 2017. Prior to that role, he oversaw the company’s operations in Uruguay, Paraguay and Canada.

Additional restructuring included:

  • Gilberto Xandó, currently a board member of JBS, will be CEO of JBS Brazil, reporting to Filho. Xandó was in charge of Vigor for nine years and was also a senior executive at Natura and Sadia.
  • João Campos, currently Seara’s executive officer for Prepared Foods, will assume the position of CEO of Seara, reporting to Gilberto Xandó. Campos has been with Seara since 2020, and prior to that was CEO of PepsiCo Foods Brazil for over five years.
  • Tim Schellpeper, currently CEO of JBS USA Fed Beef, will serve as CEO of JBS USA, reporting to Nogueira. Schellpeper has been with the company since 2017. Previously he was CEO of Maschhoff Family Foods and worked for 25 years at Farmland Foods and Smithfield Foods, reaching the position of CEO and chief operating officer of Smithfield-Farmland.
  • Steve Cohron, current head of Pricing and Sales at JBS USA Fed Beef, will lead JBS USA Fed Beef, reporting to Schellpeper. He has more than 22 years of experience in the US beef industry and joined JBS in 2005.