VANCOUVER, BC — Oppy has refined the roles of David Smith, Satri Alpine, Chris Kurylo, James Milne and Jason Fung within the company, in addition to subsequent structure enhancements to help the produce company strengthen its strategy.

“The complexity of our business has radically evolved in the last five to 10 years,” said David Smith, who is now president and chief operating officer. “A huge part of Oppy’s ongoing success has been in taking a proactive approach and consistently modifying our strategy as we drive the business forward. As we continue to grow, these moves, and future moves to come, will enhance Oppy as we propel through the 2020s and beyond.”

Vice president of talent and culture Satri Alpine has been named Oppy’s chief people officer, having made her mark as a thoughtful leader when the company navigated the COVID-19 pandemic said Smith, while also continuing to evolve its approach to recruitment, on-boarding, employee development and more.

Chris Kurylo has taken on the role of vice president of strategic business development and analysis. Kurylo has been instrumental to the company’s integration with Eco Farms, the Temecula, Calif.-based avocado and citrus grower-marketer Oppy acquired a 65% stake in last year, while also overseeing the fiscal elements across the organization’s categories. He now reports to senior vice president of categories and marketing James Milne, who has added executive responsibility for partner relations to his purview. Director of Global Procurement Ray Reed now also reports to Milne.  

The newly-created position of vice president of categories and strategy has added greater responsibility to Jason Fung who will continue to oversee Oppy’s berry and greenhouse categories while also leading more of the strategic planning process alongside the executive team.

These changes also bring about structure enhancements to reinforce the alignment between Oppy’s tactical and strategic approaches to the sales and marketing process.