CINCINNATI — Kroger’s Fred Meyer banner is partnering with Loop, a division of TerraCycle that collects and sanitizes reusable containers. 

Under the partnership, Fred Meyer stores will have a special Loop area, where customers can buy both independent and nationally recognized branded products in reusable containers. More than 150 manufacturers will be participating worldwide by early next year, selling 375 products. 

Customers who purchase products with reusable packaging will put down a deposit along with the price of the item. They will get their deposit back when they bring the reusable container back to the store. For example, a customer might put down 15 cents for a bottle of Coca-Cola or $10 for a stainless-steel container of cleaning wipes that they will get back when they return the container. 

Loop collects the containers, cleans them, and returns them to manufacturers to be refilled.  

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