SAN ANTONIO — NatureSweet is launching a new to-go line that offers ready-to-eat snacking tomatoes in a single-use format and in a crush-resistance packaging. The snacks are offered in CHERBUBS and CONSTELLATION tomato varieties. 

“We are very excited about our new To Go innovation, since it’s one that will make the whole category grow, and want to give special thanks to Kroger for their terrific support in releasing this, Ready to Eat, very tasty and healthy snack to the market,” said Rodolfo Spielmann, president and chief executive officer of NatureSweet. 

Whether consumers are going back to school, planning for their family’s week, or grabbing a quick snack To Go on their lunch break, the little packs aim to help shoppers meet their busy lifestyles in a healthy and delicious way. 

“We are expecting to be highly incremental to the category as consumers look for healthier snacks at home and on the go.”, said Lori Castillo, vice president of marketing of NatureSweet, “We are excited to bring a no excuses choice to all consumers that want to eat very tasty and healthier snacks but have very little time to food prep ahead of their demanding days.”