MIAMI — ThryveAI, a digital commerce platform provider, has rebranded as Wynshop to embody its core mission to help retailers grow successful digital commerce businesses from their local stores.  

Spurred on by the pandemic, demand for online grocery shopping exploded in 2020, creating fierce market competition for independent grocery chains from deep-pocketed competitors like Amazon and Walmart.  

As ThryveAI, Wynshop hustled to give these grocers purpose-built digital solutions that use artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies that help them compete on a level playing field with the largest omnichannel grocers. 

"Our e-commerce technology is a full generation ahead of most other solutions and we quickly realized that the word 'thrive' and the technology 'AI' fell short in describing the competitive advantages we bring our clients," said Neil Moses, Wynshop’s chief executive officer. "Our new name, Wynshop, better reflects the mission of our organization, which applies imagination, expertise, and a relentless commitment to innovation to help more clients become wildly successful. We don't aim just to help our clients stay in the game against the digitally native retailers—we aim to help them win." 

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