NEW YORK — Brioche bread baker St Pierre is entering a new category with the launch of St Pierre Brioche Bagels. Beginning in September the soft, lightly sweet, golden brioche bagels will be available in a four-pack in Meijer supermarkets.

“We’ve spent the past seven years educating shoppers on how to use brioche and working with retailers to encourage shoppers to try something new,” said Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery. “As a result, more than a third of American shoppers are now choosing brioche every time they shop. St Pierre products are designed to ‘elevate the everyday’; in upgrading a bakery staple like the bagel, we are allowing consumers to do just that.

“Any product we launch under the St Pierre brand is borne of consumer insight and retailer demand. Our research shows that consumers are willing not only to try more new products, but also to spend more in doing so. With a third already buying brioche and shoppers driving $1.5 billion in bagel sales every year, it makes sense for us, as category leader, to offer a brioche bagel and capitalize on the growth of both sectors.”

Mr. Baker said the launch of St Pierre Brioche Bagels will allow the company to secure further space in the in-store bakery.

“In Meijer, the Brioche Bagels will be distributed through our innovative Eiffel Tower displays giving us an even greater brand presence in the in-store bakery area where traditionally, brands aren’t able to activate,” he said.

In addition to bagels, St Pierre offers brioche buns, rolls, waffles and loaves.

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