REIDSVILLE, GA. – Shuman Farms is making the transition into the RealSweet onion season, and the quality of this year’s crop is looking strong and is anticipated to lend well to bag promotions throughout the fall.   

The Peruvian sweet onion is similar to the Vidalia onion in terms of taste, sweetness, and appearance, with the characteristic flat shape and yellow color that consumers recognize as a premium sweet onion. 

“I am proud of the product we grow in Peru and the contribution we make to the economy of Georgia and the southeastern United States,” said John Shuman, president and chief executive officer of Shuman Farms. “Whether it's from the soils of Georgia or Peru, we will always be committed to providing American consumers high-quality, healthy produce year-round.” 

Shuman began growing sweet onions in Peru more than 20 years ago to meet the year-round consumer demand for premium sweet onions. Peru provides the ideal climate, soil, and growing conditions and allows retailers to keep premium sweet onions on shelf from September to March. 

Shuman Farms will be executing several marketing promotions this fall with both in-store and digital campaigns. By partnering with likeminded brands across the produce department Shuman Farms will be offering consumers meal solutions which will ultimately drive sales throughout the store.  

The onions will be packaged in specially marked pink RealSweet bags in October for breast cancer awareness and Feeding America bags in November and December to shed a light on food insecurity in the US. In addition to POS and digital support of both programs, Shuman Farms will also make donations to the Breast Cancer Research Fund and Feeding America respectively. 

“Giving back to the communities where our products are sold has always been an important aspect of our company,” Shuman continued. “It is at the core of who we are and what we believe. We are grateful to work with organizations making a difference across the US and honored to support them in any way we can.” 

Shuman Farms has started shipping premium RealSweet onions from Peru and plans to continue through March 2022. 

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