Innovations come and go, but today we reach the latest chapter in an evolving story about donuts in America, following the wake of a spell of double-digit losses in donut sales at grocery and retail store nationwide – the stinging result of shoppers’ reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The past year has been tough for donut makers. Yet the tide is now turning, and to no surprise it is turning because of bold introductions of new products and packaging that return the delicious donut to its pedestal.

Exhibit A is the 2-ounce steamed cake donut from Tiffany’s Bakery in the Center City region of Philadelphia, which in June introduced the Doyo®. “Pronounced dough-yo, this unique donut is our latest offering and might just be the best donut you’ve ever had,” the bakery’s owner Frank Pantazopoulos says with a smile.

“This is a healthy option,” he adds, “and what differentiates us is we spent last July to this May working on bringing it to the American palate – something that Americans would respond to instantaneously.”

But what if consumers didn’t like steamed donuts, or what if the bakery couldn’t make the production process work. “It took a long time to get rid of the buts in that equation,” Pantazopoulos says. “You get a more gentle heat with steam.”

Having enjoyed a dozen of these magical treats, I can attest that these donuts are, indeed, fabulous, lasting for two days after delivery and still great for another three. And that kind of shelf life is not something I had witnessed before from a freshly made donut. “It is most flavorful, rich-textured donut I’ve ever had, and we are so proud of it,” Tiffany’s owner remarks.

It’s safe to say that steamed donuts are here to stay.