DARIEN, CONN. – As an extension of an existing relationship between Dairygold and Norseland, Inc., Norseland plans to debut a range of premium Irish cheddar cheeses under the Pastureland brand. The lineup will be certified to the Bord Bia Grass Fed standard and will feature the Grass Fed logo on its packaging. 

“We are excited to add a classic Irish Cheddar to our portfolio and represent the Pastureland brand in the United States,” said John Sullivan, chief executive officer and president of Norseland. “Consumers are looking for brands that align with their personal values and sustainability is frequently at the top of the list. It’s inspiring to see more brands become sustainability-minded and make products that are accessible to everyone.” 

The Irish Cheddar is creamy with a versatile flavor, according to Sullivan. Produced using sustainable dairy farming practices from the milk of pasture-fed dairy cows, the Pastureland lineup will complement existing Irish dairy products in the US market. 

“Dairygold is delighted to further develop the relationship with Norseland Inc. with the launch of the Pastureland range of cheese in the US market,” said Conor Galvin, chief growth officer of Dairygold. “It builds on more than a decade of cooperation between our organizations and demonstrates the benefits of a long-term partnership.”