Sealed Air’s Food Care Division is demonstrating its most versatile resealable product, the Cryovac Multi-Seal FlexLOK package, to retailers at the 2015 International Dairy·Deli·Bakery Association show. The packaging features an advanced easy-open adhesive design for deli meats, sliced cheese, baked goods and snack items.

Retailers can offer consumers added convenience and safety, as the Cryovac Multi-Seal FlexLOK package can be opened (and reclosed) without the use of a knife or scissors. In addition, the package’s optional tamper-evident component provides enhanced product safety.

Along with its improved convenience features, the Multi-Seal FlexLOK package provides retailers with elevated product visibility and merchandising. Print options range from eyespot only to 10-color, full process printing on the non-forming top web. Design options also include printable packages with a clear display to fully showcase products through superior visibility and brand authenticity.

“Consumers are looking at both the quality of the product and the convenience of how it’s packaged when making their purchasing decisions, and retailers are looking for options that allow them to deliver on both needs,” said John Kelly, dairy marketing director, Sealed Air’s Food Care Division. “The Cryovac Multi-Seal FlexLOK package enables retailers to offer consumers appealing, convenient options that better showcase their deli meats, sliced cheeses, and other products.”

To help retailers maximize the appeal of their products to consumers, the Cryovac Multi-Seal FlexLOK package offers unprecedented design flexibility. The easy-open tab can be located as a corner- or center-peel, and the label can be placed in any 360-degree combination.

From a production standpoint, the package is compatible with semi-rigid or flexible forming webs and pre-made trays with PE sealants. Adaptable to most available machinery and equipment, this package can be used with vacuum or modified-atmosphere packaging systems to extend shelf life, and features material that is also compatible with high pressure processing (HPP) applications.

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