LAFAYETTE, COLO. — OZO is celebrating National Flexitarian Week with Flexi is Sexy kits geared toward flexitarians eaters who eat a mostly plant-based diet, but still eat meat or fish on occasion.  

The latest research shows 42% of consumers identify as flexitarian. However, 40% of these consumers are bored with their diets compared to only 29% of carnivores. 

"Adding more vegetables to your diet shouldn't be considered off-putting. In fact, eating more plant-based foods like OZO can make you feel even better," said Darcey Macken, chief executive officer of Planterra Foods. "That's why we want to help people spice up their flex lives by highlighting how simple, delicious and fun adding plants to your diet can be. Unlike some fad diets and lifestyles, you don't need a personal chef to find excitement in your plant-based meals." 

A survey revealed that many Americans are still learning what a Flexitarian is, with 24% of survey respondents thinking a "flexitarian" is someone extraordinarily flexible. 

To kick off the first National Flexitarian Week, OZO is giving away limited-edition Flexi is Sexy kits that will spice up the flex life. The kits include Flexi Enhancer jalapeno hot sauce, taco-themed candles to set the mood, kitchen "lingerie" and OZO Plant-Based Mexican-Seasoned Ground in limited edition flexi packaging.  

For a chance to win a kit, customers can check out OZO™'s Instagram page to enter before July 30. OZO is also asking consumers to sign their petition to make National Flexitarian Week an official holiday every year moving forward. Consumers can sign the petition on 

While supplies last, OZO will also be selling their limited-edition packaging online at