TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - Trigo, a global leader in checkout technology, has signed a partnership agreement to join Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem. 

Under the agreement, Trigo’s AI-powered solutions for autonomous shopping, including grocery shopping, will be available on Google Cloud, and teams from both companies will partner to help retail businesses accelerate their digital transformations with AI-powered autonomous stores.  

“Trigo’s work with Google Cloud shows how the world’s top grocery retailers digitize, innovate, deliver exceptional experiences for their customers, and compete in an increasingly crowded and growing marketplace,” said Michael Gabay, Trigo’s co-founder and chief executive officer. 

Trigo’s privacy-by-design solution uses AI-powered computer vision technologies together with off-the-shelf hardware to retrofit existing grocery stores with autonomous capabilities. The company applies its algorithms to ceiling-mounted cameras which learn and upload data on shoppers' movements and product choices, enabling customers to simply walk into a store, pick up their desired items, and walk out without stopping at the checkout. Payments and receipts are settled digitally. 

Trigo has seen rapid growth and increasing demand for its technology throughout 2020 and is working with leading retailers on the European mainland, including Rewe, to open stores during 2021, according to the company.  

Tesco, a leading European grocer, has been working on a trial with Trigo at a Tesco Express convenience store at its headquarters and will extend that to another store in a more urban environment. Trigo uses Google Cloud for part of the solution it provides Tesco. Trigo is also working with REWE, Germany’s second-largest grocery chain, on a cashier-less checkout store in downtown Cologne.  

“Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT are helping retailers deliver exciting, new experiences for consumers,” said Paul Tepfenhart, director of global retail solutions at Google Cloud. “We’re delighted that Trigo is bringing its retail solutions to Google Cloud, and we look forward to partnering with Trigo to help retailers accelerate their adoption of these capabilities.”