FOLSOM, CALIF. - The California Walnut Board is launching a Snacking Retail Campaign this July to bring attention to the benefits of walnuts as a nutritious snack. The new campaign includes walnut displays and promotions in more than 7,400 food retailers across the United States.  

"Our July snacking effort is the second nationwide event that the California Walnut Board is supporting during 2021," said Don Ladhoff, retail program coordinator for the California Walnut Board. "I was pleased with how many retailers were willing to participate in this first-time activity, and that a number of buyers told me they signed on because of the strong support that the Board has provided them during our annual American Heart Month campaign." 

Most Americans eat walnuts plain, according to a new survey, conducted by California Walnuts in May in partnership with Kelton Global. Others prefer that their walnuts are combined with other ingredients to make a delicious snack. The survey insights indicate Americans are now seeking out snacks that deliver on great taste and texture, as well as health benefits. In response, the California Walnut Board created a new Simple Snacking Recipe Collection, featuring trail mixes and walnuts seasoned to meet sweet, salty or spicy flavor preferences.   

"Research tells us, people who eat walnuts enjoy them most often as a snack," said Jennifer Olmstead, senior marketing director of US public relations at the California Walnut Board. "At a time when snacking is at an all-time high for Americans, we've worked closely with participating retail partners and our walnut handlers to share the many health benefits of walnuts along with inspiration for a multitude of ways to snack on walnuts."  

The campaign highlights walnuts with custom signage and displays, value-added offers, social media activities, and advertisements with streaming audio, digital video and radio tags highlighting participating retailers. 

The snacking campaign also includes new recipes, videos and a social media playbook provided to all retail partners, offering guidance on how to communicate the health benefits of walnuts while tailoring content to their own social media channels.  

Since many consumers prefer to stuff their dates with walnuts for an energy-boosting snack, many of the programs at participating retailers are being strengthened by a partnership with Bard Valley Date Growers and their Natural Delights brand of Medjool dates.  

Bard Valley Date Growers is supporting the program with their Snacking in the Sun consumer promotion that will give one lucky winner a Vespa Sprint 50 and NOMATIC backpack. Additionally, ten winners will receive secondary and tertiary prize packs including snacking-themed adventure packs with a backpack cooler, waterproof speaker, GoPro, picnic basket and an assortment of Natural Delights and California Walnuts product.  

"We are happy to partner with California Walnuts since both of our products are positioned as healthy snacking options for consumers," said David Baxter, director of marketing for Bard Valley Date Growers. "Our goal is to get as many people engaged with the promotion as possible." 

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