MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - St Pierre Bakery is launching its Bakery 6 Chocolate and Hazelnut Rolled Crepes in Walmart stores across the United States this July. The product will also be the first to launch in St Pierre’s new-look branding, featuring a new stand-out logo and nods to its French authenticity but with the same instantly recognizable orange packaging. 

“When we launched in the United States in 2014, securing national distribution with Walmart was an ambitious target to say the least. Once again, the sustained hard work of the St Pierre Bakery team has proven fruitful, but this achievement also speaks to the outstanding quality of our products,” said Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery. 

The crepes are part of the brand’s individually wrapped ‘sweet treats’ range, joining Croissants, Waffles, Brioche Rolls and Brioche Swirls. The crepes will retail at $2.98.  

“Crepes are a French classic, perfect for breakfast, lunch boxes, on the go and afternoon snacking and our authentic, lace thin, French crepes are a product we’re truly proud of,” said Baker. “It’s also a great introduction of the new-look brand and packaging. The brand has been built on its authenticity, versatility and quality and this is the first product in the new packaging that brings all of those features together. We’re confident that the sales will speak for themselves.”