CLAREMONT, NH. – Rochester, NY-based Wegmans has added organic sugar-free applewood smoked bacon and organic bratwurst sausage from Claremont, NH-based North Country Smokehouse to its USDA Organic and Certified Humane meat offerings. North Country, a duBreton subsidiary, will provide the new items to 55 stores from New York through North Carolina.

Wegmans stocks its shelves with better-for-you food options to suit various lifestyles with products that carry label claims such as non-GMO, humanely raised and antibiotic free. In addition to clean claims, shoppers will find allergen-free foods like gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, as well.

“North Country products check all the boxes.” said Joe Quijano, regional business development manager for North Country Smokehouse. “Not only are these products non-GMO USDA Organic, but we raise the bar by committing to Certified Humane animal welfare standards under our organic farm program. It’s all about flavorful foods produced in the most ethical way possible.”

Quijano added, “Crafting premium smoked meats in a socially responsible way means respecting the animals and the environment. We recognize our role in the food system supply-chain, and we take it seriously. We are doing our part to restore these values in the farm and food systems. That means a great deal to Wegmans and to their shoppers. When like-minded brands collaborate to make better options available to consumers, everyone wins.”