NEW YORK – Schaller & Weber, a butcher shop and purveyor of German and Northern European specialty foods, today unveiled a new brand identity and package design ahead of the launch of several new offerings.  

The new branding features a more contemporary aesthetic to match the exciting growth that Schaller & Weber continues to see as consumers reach for high-quality meats and charcuterie. Along with the new branding, Schaller & Weber will debut a line of grab-and-go snack trays featuring a Beef & Butterkäse option, grab-and-go ABF Sliced Deli meats, and new antibiotic-free sausage recipes. 

The refreshed Schaller & Weber branding showcases a brighter, more premium look with images and information that highlight the German and Northern European heritage and long-standing history that the world-class butchers have represented for over 85 years. Customers will notice subtle touches, including the backing of the sausages featuring the updated logo, in a design connected to the iconic butcher paper used to wrap each custom cut piece of meat at the New York store. 

“Our new brand identity speaks to both our legacy – with subtle nods to some of our past branding – while looking distinctly more premium and cleaner,” said Jeremy Schaller, third-generation owner and operator of Schaller & Weber. “Our new branding features both more transparent information about the products themselves, as well as nuanced features to the German and European lifestyle that our products are a part of. We are so excited to reintroduce our brand to our customers, and to provide them with some exciting new products that feature the distinct flavors and quality they expect from Schaller & Weber, and with some new items we think they’ll love.” 

Over the course of 2021 all Schaller & Weber products will be updated with the new branding. New and rebranded products will focus on sourcing humanely raised, antibiotic free meats, along with updated recipes without artificial ingredients. Shoppers can expect to find updated versions of their favorite sausages, deli meats, specialty items and pates before the end of the year.  

The new on-the-go trays will feature German and European meats – pre-sliced – offering consumers the distinct flavors that come from hardwood smoke, as well as adding a much-need beef option to this pork dominated field. Perfect for picnics, work and school lunches, and on-the-go snacking, the new snack trays are also Keto and low-carb friendly.