NEW ALBANY, OHIO - Bob Evans Farms has launched two new breakfast items for consumers looking for convenient, nourishing and filling options for a "weekend-style breakfast" that can be enjoyed all week long.  

Available in the refrigerated section of grocery stores nationwide, Bob Evans Omelet Rolls and Bob Evans Egg Bites provide consumers a quality and indulgent breakfast that won't interrupt morning routines, according to the company. 

Made with cage-free eggs, the fillable Bob Evans Omelet Rolls come in three different varieties: Egg with Salt & Pepper, Egg & Cheeses, and Egg White Spinach & Herb. Packed with flavor, each of the Omelet Rolls has six to eight grams of protein and provides consumers the flexibility to stuff them with whatever fillings they desire or just roll them up and eat them plain. 

"We heard our consumers loud and clear, and we are giving them products that deliver on their needs," said Thyme Hill, chief marketing officer of Bob Evans Farms. "Our consumers want the comfort of a weekend breakfast in a convenient, fast, and delicious weekday form."

The new Bob Evans Egg Bites are ready to heat-and-eat in a versatile microwaveable tray. Each package comes with two in a pack. There are three varieties: Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, and Bob Evans Sausage & Cheese. The low-carb Egg Bites have 15 to 17 grams of protein in each 2-bite serving, providing long-lasting fullness. 

"In only one minute, breakfast lovers have the convenient, protein-packed wholesome breakfast they are craving during the weekdays," said Hill. "We know that grocery shoppers are looking for fresh, flavorful, interesting items that won't complicate their day. These products are the perfect way for retail grocers to attract motivated shoppers to the refrigerated aisle.