SCIACCA, SICILY - Extra virgin olive oil producer Bono is adding four new types of olives and olive mixes to its growing portfolio of specialty food products. The new products include:   

  • Italian Antipasto Pitted Olive Mix: Harvested throughout southern Italy, this mix of five indigenous olives includes Nocellara Etnea and Nocellara del Belice (Sicily), Calabrese (Calabria), Black Leccino (Abruzzo) and Black Peranzana (Puglia). The mix also includes sweet red bell peppers, garlic and spices. 
  • Spicy Italian Pitted Mix: A combination of premium Italian olives, this pitted mix is seasoned with parsley, rosemary and fennel and includes Calabrian peppers, for their sweet and mildly spicy flavor. 
  • Green Greek Olives Stuffed with Red Peppers: Premium Green Greek olives are marinated in oil, pitted and then stuffed with flavorful Italian red bell peppers.   
  • Green Greek Olives Stuffed with Garlic: These Green Greek olives are pitted, then stuffed with Italian garlic cloves, and then packed in a brine.  

Sourced from throughout the Mediterranean basin and processed in Castelvetrano, Sicily, these olive varieties are carefully nurtured from grove to table, according to the company. The olives are ideal for charcuterie boards, cocktails, aperitivos, salads, and snacks. All four varieties have a suggested retail price of $6.99 and are currently available through Amazon, Baldor, iGourmet, and more.