LAS CRUCES, NM. — Saputo Dairy USA, one of the largest cheese and dairy foods manufacturers in the United States, will invest up to $30 million to expand its cheese manufacturing plant in Las Cruces. The expansion will create 150 new jobs, the company said.

To support the expansion project, Saputo said it is set to receive $2.5 million from the state of Mexico’s LEDA job-creators fund, including a $1 million bonus for developing the project in the Opportunity Zone. In addition, the city of Las Cruces has pledged $300,000 to the project.

“Southern New Mexico is expanding its manufacturing footprint quickly,” said Alicia J. Keyes, New Mexico Economic Development Cabinet secretary. “The expansion of Saputo Dairy USA’s facility will create the jobs we need to diversify our economy and get people back to work as we recover from this pandemic.”

Saputo Dairy USA is part of Saputo Inc., one of the world’s top 10 dairy processors. Saputo Inc. has operations in Canada, the United States, Australia, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, with products sold in more than 50 countries.