WHITE PLAINS, NY – Sabra is celebrating hummus lovers with National Hummus Day this week with inspiration, innovation, and incentives across social channels, in-store, and at home.  

“We love making America’s favorite hummus,” said Lauren Fuller, head of brand and communications at Sabra. “Hummus Day is dedicated to celebrating hummus enthusiasts everywhere. This delicious, plant-based food has been embraced by vegans and beef meat eaters, dippers and spreaders, fussy and fearless eaters alike. Sabra has a flavor for everyone, and everyone has a favorite flavor! Today is the day we thank fans and hail Hummusapians everywhere.”  

Join the Hummus Day Fun:

  • Dip into Sabra’s newest hummus variety: Sabra’s latest crave-able flavor tops creamy hummus with a mouth-watering blend of onion, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and garlic. Sabra Everything Bagel Seasoned Hummus is the perfect way to start the day or a delicious way to top off an afternoon snack.  
  • Take the #SabraHummusChallenge on TikTok: Tell Saba your favorite Sabra hummus flavor, without telling them your favorite Sabra hummus flavor in a TikTok video. Share for a chance to win a year’s supply of Sabra Hummus. #SabraHummusChallenge  
  • Get Hummus Inspired on Pinterest: Are you Classic or Supremely Spicy? Something in between?  Visit Sabra on Pinterest to see what your favorite flavor says about you and get more hummus day inspiration.  
  • Show your hummus love on Instagram: Check out Sabra’s filter and sticker options on Instagram to showcase your hummus love.   
  • Free Hummus and discount coupons through Ibotta: Sabra gave away 10,000 cashback offers and 5,000 $0.50 rebates leading up to Hummus Day with Ibotta offers for Sabra Hummus.
Sabra established May 13 as National Hummus Day in 2013 with an official listing in the Chase Calendar of Events to thank fans for making the brand America’s favorite hummus.