CLEVELAND – A new report released by Freedonia Group identified that growing consumer interest in ready-to-eat produce will drive growth for fresh vegetable and salad packaging by 3.5% annually through 2024.

According to the report, increasing sales of RTE salads as well as of pre-cut produce such as apple slices, melon spears, and carrot sticks – typically sold in tubs, cups, or other rigid plastic containers – and more intensive use of higher value packaging that has convenience and ease-of-use features will remain a key driver of growth in the $3.5 billion market for fresh vegetable and salad packaging through 2024.

Moving forward Freedonia projects that produce packaging with includes features like retail-ready boxes, steamable, stand-up pouches that offer superior performance, extend shelf life and reduce environmental impact will be key.

Freedonia’s Fresh Vegetable & Salad Packaging report is now available and further analyzes the demand in the US for plastic, paper and paperboard, molded pulp, and other material-based packaging.

Specific products covered include the following:

  • retail-ready and other corrugated boxes (regular slotted containers, full telescoping boxes, boxes with cut-outs for display purposes, open-top tray-style boxes, fold-over gift boxes, bulk bins)
  • bags, including bag liners (e.g., plastic mesh, paper, textile)
  • plastic containers (clamshells, tubs, cups, bowls, square &and rectangular two-piece containers, and pails, domed containers, lidded buckets)
  • pouches (pillow and stand-up)
  • trays and platters (including molded pulp, rigid plastic, expanded polystyrene foam, and paperboard types)
  • other packaging (e.g., baskets, punnets, and tills; reusable plastic containers; plastic film; foam boxes; wood crates; folding cartons; sleeves; etc.)