LOS ANGELES – T&G Global’s Envy apple brand is collaborating with Kitchn, a food and lifestyle media outlet, for Kitchn’s first-ever Brunch Fest virtual event.

"From making pancakes with the kids on Saturday mornings to frittatas and mimosas with the best of friends, brunch foods are the ultimate in connection and warmth,” said Faith Durand, Kitchn’s editor-in-chief. “This spring, with our first ever Brunch Fest social takeover, we're celebrating the dishes and drinks that wake us up, bring our families together, and give us a reason to say cheers with the people we love."

As part of the Brunch Fest program, Envy will be featured in a live recipe demonstration led by Brunch Fest guest star Kate Wood of Wood and Spoon, alongside Kitchn’s assistant food editor Nicole Rufus. An interactive game on Kitchn’s Instagram stories will also showcase Envy in a variety of brunch recipes.

In addition to the day-of-event activity, display ads on Kitchn’s website will raise highlight Envy apples, and Envy brunch recipes will be presented on the website along with shoppable links. T&G Global is supporting the effort with additional digital advertising, social media content, and a public relations push for an overall effort that is expected to exceed 200 million impressions this spring.

“Envy apples’ year-round seasonality naturally lends them to having a starring role in a variety of seasonal recipes,” said Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G Global’s head of marketing for North America. “With their premium quality, gorgeous red skin, and large size they are a prized addition to brunch menus. As families begin to spend time together in person this spring, Mother’s Day 2021 is an especially joyous time for gathering around a sunny Sunday brunch table together with only the best ingredients.”

A brunch-themed website was created by T&G Global at EnvyForBrunch.com where users can find additional recipes and a Mother’s Day giveaway will be conducted in which fans will have a chance to win a $200 gift card and a 6-pack of Envy apples for themselves as well as for an honored mom in their life.