ROCHESTER, NY - Ithaca Hummus has added its first-ever sharing-size hummus that features Ithaca’s two most popular flavors, Lemon Garlic and Lemon Dill, in a 17-ounce container. 

Since its inception in 2013, Ithaca’s most requested new item from fans has been a bigger size. With a consumer-first approach to innovation, the brand further validated the need for a larger option by conducting a consumer survey. This showed the average Ithaca consumer eats more than double the amount of hummus on a monthly basis compared to the general population, consuming an average of one-third of a traditional 10-ounce hummus container in one sitting. 

“We’ve heard stories of moms who deliberately hide Ithaca hummus in the back of the fridge from the rest of their family, party hosts who feel like 10-ounce isn’t enough for a gathering, and fanatics who eat our hummus on a daily basis,” said Chris Kirby, founder and chief executive officer of Ithaca. “We’re thrilled to finally give our fans the bigger size they’ve been patiently waiting for, starting with our top two flavors, Lemon Garlic and Lemon Dill. Based on early signs of success in the market, I suspect we will be launching a few more sharing-size flavors later this year.” 

Ithaca is launching the 17-ounce sharing size in April 2021 at Wegman’s, Stop & Shop, and nationwide with NCG, with plans to expand distribution of the line throughout the remainder of the year. It will retail for $7.99.