CLEVELAND - As demand continues to rise among both consumers and foodservice establishments for produce sold in some form of packaging, a new Freedonia Group analysis projects US sales of fresh produce packaging to grow 3.7% per year to nearly $7 billion in 2024. 

Among the key drivers of growth will be increasing sales of ready-to-eat (RTE) salads, as well as pre-cut produce such as apple slices, melon spears, and carrot sticks – which are typically sold in clamshells, cups, and other plastic containers. Sales of these and other prepackaged fresh produce have soared during the pandemic due to: 

  • Surging grocery sales – including more packaging-intensive online grocery orders. 
  • Increased concerns about the safety of loose bulk-bin items that have been handled by others in stores. 
  • Rising demand for convenience foods, including RTE produce, which require minimal or no prep before consumption. 

Sales of plastic containers increased 5% in 2020, the biggest gain of the main produce packaging types – boosted by intensive use of RTE produce. Through 2024, sales of plastic containers are expected to outpace those for all other major packaging categories, as clamshells and other plastic containers continue to supplant commodity bags and pillow pouches due to their good protective and display properties.