FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Chiquita is recognizing the need for female empowerment in the produce industry, which has traditionally been led by men.  

Chiquita is continuing to work toward its goal of achieving full gender equality across operations. By implementing various safeguard tools for employees, launching female-focused brand initiatives and providing support to mothers at home, Chiquita aims to unite and empower its valued female workforce, as well as the women who enjoy its tasty yellow bananas across the globe.  

“Chiquita has embraced the challenge of expanding and uplifting its female workforce, as well as providing a sense of joy and comfort to female consumers during this unprecedented year,” said Jamie Postell, sales director North America for Chiquita. “We hope that our female empowerment initiatives can act as a positive example for other leaders in the produce industry and beyond to follow.” 

Banana farms are a traditionally male-dominated, physical line of work in remote areas, which can leave women particularly vulnerable. Chiquita has put several safeguard tools in place to protect its workers and prevent inappropriate behavior. Since 2011, Chiquita has had an agreement IUF and COLSIBA to promote workers’ rights, specifically promoting gender equality and protecting women in the workplace, which is the only agreement of its kind for an international banana company.  

In addition, Chiquita works to ensure all voices within the company can be heard and that women feel safe to express concerns without backlash. A key component of this culture is a dedicated helpline, which is available 24/7, that allows employees to anonymously report any discrimination or harassment they may be experiencing.