SANDPOINT, IDAHO – Litehouse, Inc., is rolling out Purely Balanced™, a new line of Greek yogurt-based refrigerated salad dressings. The thick and creamy dressings are only 45 calories per serving and have 0 grams of added sugar. 

“We know that today’s consumer is more conscious about the food they consume and seeking products that fit with their lifestyle and diet,” said Krystle Turnbull, product manager for Litehouse Purely Balanced. “We developed these everyday dressings to help consumers meet some of their dietary preferences and restrictions without sacrificing a delicious eating experience.”  

Litehouse Purely Balanced dressings are gluten free and do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. The dressings come in a convenient 9-ounce plastic squeeze bottle and are available in five thick and creamy, Greek yogurt-based flavors: 

  • Garden Ranch is a creamy ranch that packs a delicious punch. Serve alongside fresh veggies or use as a dip for fries. 

  • Tzatziki Ranch has sprigs of fresh-tasting dill and bright flavors to help switch up any dish. Serve with chicken, beef, or pita chips. 

  • Garlic Caesar is filled with garlic-y goodness, and quick to impress. Try it on a Caesar salad or grilled veggie wrap. 

  • Cilantro Lime is packed with flavor and fresh zing. Serve on a green salad or rice bowl.  

  • Basil Lemon is an herbaceous, creamy dressing with a hint of lemon. Add a flavor boost to any dish, like grilled chicken and salmon.  

Litehouse Purely Balanced is shipping now and has an SRP of $3.49. The dressings will be available in the refrigerated produce department at nationwide retailers beginning March 14.