KANSAS CITY, MO. – New meat and poultry product introductions are the lifeblood of the industry. In this week’s MEAT+POULTRY Podcast, the theme is new-product research and development and the subject is Motif FoodWorks, an ingredient company in Boston that creates products and ingredients that are plant-based meat alternatives..

Mike Leonard, chief technology officer for Motif describes the evolution of plant-based ingredients used in meat alternatives and how the pandemic has affected the R&D process.

Leonard examined plant-based foods' growing popularity over the past few years and how consumers have embraced a wider variety of the products. He also discussed the challenges Motif faces by trying to make plant-based foods that mimic traditional meat products' taste and texture.

Finally, Leonard described how research and development worked for the company during COVID-19 and how its new research and development facility fits into its future plans.

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