CHICAGO – Online grocery shoppers can now limit item searches to products that fit their diet needs and preferences with Sifter SP LLC’s launch of Sifter is a free service that allows shoppers to create a personalized diet profile — or add on a profile for each family member — and then "sift" for only the products that meet their unique needs.  

Once a user has selected products and are ready to purchase, Sifter drops items into the online cart of a growing list of retail partners including Walmart, Amazon, Stop & Shop and Giant. Or, customers can use the list compiled by Sifter to shop instore at their local grocer. 

Chief Nutrition Officer Judy Seybold worked with developers to align Sifter's technology with the nutrition guidance given by doctors and dietitians for a wide variety of health conditions.  

"As a dietitian, I'm incredibly proud of the precision and usefulness of Sifter," said Seybold. "People with special diets or food allergies are intimidated by unfamiliar foods and brands. Sifter's integration with evidence-based nutrition recommendations helps shoppers discover new products with confidence and looks at the bigger picture—your total diet. My hope is Sifter also will become an important tool for nutritionists to use with their clients." 

Sifter has over 100 dietary filters, called SiftTags, that are grouped into five categories: 

  • Allergens & Concerns – Diets that omit specific foods or ingredients, such as gluten or lactose. 

  • Health Diets – Diets consistent with medical nutrition care practices, such as cardiac health or diabetes. 

  • Lifestyle Diets – Diets that reflect personal preferences and values, such as keto or vegan. 

  • Medications – Allows users to identify foods that will not interact with prescription medications. 

  • Responsible Practices – Products that comply with ethical practices, such as fair trade. 

In addition to discovering new products, Sifter provides an online community and variety of dietitian-designed and curated resources that make healthy living easier, including RecipeSifter, which allows users to copy and paste any recipe onto the platform to instantly confirm that all ingredients match their needs.