Nielsen and RetailNext, the worldwide leader in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar stores, announced a strategic alliance that will bring RetailNext proprietary technology on in-store analytics to Nielsen’s retail client base, including grocery, mass, drug, convenience, dollar stores and more. Being RetailNext’s preferred go-to market provider in Nielsen’s retail channels will extend Nielsen’s commitment to bring innovative and performance-driven capabilities to their retail clients. It also allows RetailNext to expand in important CPG retail channels.

RetailNext uses cameras and mobile-based technologies to provide comprehensive measurements of shopper activities in-store, delivering a distinct opportunity to measure all aspects of the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. By combining RetailNext technology with Nielsen’s sales performance, promotion, pricing, merchandising, and assortment information, retailers and manufacturers alike will be able to truly understand shopper behavior, and ultimately advance sales and shopper loyalty. This combination can also be used on a more granular level, enabling retailers and their brand suppliers to gauge the real world impact of changes to their store, aisle and category layout.

“As we continue to deepen our relationships with our broad base of CPG retailers, we are committed to collaborating with the best in the industry to bring impactful solutions to retailers and help them grow their business,” says Pat Dodd, president of global retail, Nielsen. “We are excited about the opportunity to share RetailNext’s advanced technology solutions with them and believe this collaboration will be a game-changer for the industry.”

“Given Nielsen’s leadership in the marketplace and their extensive evaluation process, to be chosen to collaborate with them is a real validation of RetailNext’s innovative capabilities,” said Alexei Agratchev, CEO and co-founder of RetailNext. “We are excited about deepening our relationship with Nielsen, and the combined power of Nielsen’s long-established data streams with RetailNext’s rich insight into in-store shopper activity delivers a unique value propositiono to clients of both firms.”