WENATCHEE, WASH. – Apple sales were up nearly 5% year over year from Nov. 7 to Jan. 23, while volume stayed relatively flat, according to Nielsen retail scan data analyzed in Fast Facts: The Cast by Stemilt Growers. 

“Apple sales made up 6.1 percent of total produce department sales during the last 12 weeks,” said Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s marketing director. “Of that, Honeycrisp, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji and Red Delicious made up the top five, with Honeycrisp accounting for 29% apple category dollars, but only 21% of the pounds, which makes sense for an apple that does and should sell for a premium.” 

Shales explained that as we round into 2021, retailers should expect to see strength on apple pricing, including Honeycrisp, which is great for retail dollars. Fuji is another opportunity retailers can take advantage of with the data showing in the last 12 weeks the US sold 3% less compared to 2020, although dollars were up slightly. 

“Fuji is a year-round apple and a staple for apple promotions,” said Shales. “During the upcoming spring and summer months, Fuji along with Pink Lady brand apples are excellent choices due to their refreshing flavor profiles and World Famous quality.” 

Organics is another area of opportunity for retailers, with organic apples making up 16% of apple sales and 12% of volumes. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, Shales encouraged retailers to bring attention to their organic selection.