OAKWOOD, GA. – Wayne Farms LLC recently announced that it added more locations for its Chef’s Craft Gourmet Chicken flame-grilled breast fillet and breast chunk products.

The company said it added the items to more than 65 Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

The chickens are minimally processed, 100% farm-raised, and contain no gluten, no preservatives, no nitrates, no MSG and no artificial ingredients. The products are fully cooked and frozen for an easy-to-prepare meal.

“As people continue to cook at home more, they are asking for access to high-quality products they would expect from restaurants,” said Keri Bauder, brand manager of Wayne Farms LLC. “We have seen this with our partnerships with Walmart and Food Lion. Consumers want at-home restaurant experiences.”

Wayne Farms is offering three options in this lineup of products. The flame-grilled chicken breast fillets are prepared sous vide and can be thawed or warmed on a stovetop, microwave, or conventional oven. The grilled chicken breast chunks and gluten-free breaded chicken breast chunks can also be warmed up using the same methods. 

“Cooking at home is a trend that is not going away,” Bauder said. “Families are looking for nutritious, affordable ingredients they can easily prepare at home.”

Product prices will vary depending on the local market.