LOS ANGELES – GP Solutions, the developer of GrowPods, controlled-environment micro-farms, has started R&D into growing strawberries and will soon begin cultivation. 

Traditional methods of growing strawberries use the plasticulture system – raised beds fumigated with chloropicrin. GrowPods allow farmers to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables year-round without harmful chemicals.  

 "There is an enormous need for a better tasting and less toxic strawberry," said George Natzic, CEO of GP Solutions. "Obviously, when you kill everything in the soil, there are going to be consequences. That's why we are so proud that we can grow ultra-clean strawberries in our GrowPods without any harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides." 

According to a study cited by the company, strawberries grown organically have a longer shelf life, higher antioxidant activity, increased levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and higher concentrations of micronutrients. They were also judged to be sweeter and have better flavor than their conventional counterparts. 

The automated indoor micro-farms are portable and can be placed almost anywhere — even near the point of distribution — for year-round cultivation of herbs, fruits and vegetables.