TROMSO, NORWAY - Due to increased sales at retail outlets, consumers stocking up on family favorites and trends toward balanced meals, frozen salmon had a sizable increase in 2020. Norway’s total seafood export to the US is up 7%, despite a COVID-19 challenging logistics and significant declines in restaurant traffic. Exports of frozen salmon fillets to the US increased 48% by volume and 40% by value for the year.     

“This was a unique year due to the pandemic, but the Norwegian seafood industry quickly adapted to meet the changing needs of US consumers and the food industry,” said Anne-Kristine Øen, director of USA at the Norwegian Seafood Council. “While a challenging year is ahead in foodservice, we look forward to supporting our restaurant partners through their recovery and continuing to grow retail sales.”  

Overall, Norway exported 2.7 million tons of seafood worth $11.3 billion in 2020—the second-highest value in history. That amount equates 37 million meals featuring Norwegian seafood every day throughout the year or 25,000 meals per minute. 

“Norwegian seafood has responded to many of the strongest growth trends in consumer behavior, such as an increased focus on value-based choices related to health and sustainability,” said Renate Larsen, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council. “This is exciting and good news when we, hopefully very soon, start to put the pandemic behind us. The restaurant market will gradually begin to reopen, and many more consumers have learned to make fish and shellfish at home.”