ORLANDO, FLA. – The National Mango Board (NMB) is currently seeking nominations for six board member positions to serve three-year terms beginning in January 2022.  

The positions currently open are: two District 1 importers, two foreign producers, one domestic producer, and one first handler.  

By actively participating in the NMB, board members have the opportunity to shape the future direction of board programs for years ahead through innovative research and promotional activities, while also fostering a thriving industry, according to the board. 

The National Mango Board currently has 21 members, including eight importers, two domestic producers, one first handler, seven foreign producers, two importers of frozen mangos and one foreign processor of frozen mangos. 

Once a final slate of nominees is selected, the US Secretary of Agriculture will make the final decision regarding appointments to the board. For each importer, domestic producer and first handler position, two nominees will be forwarded to the Secretary of Agriculture.  

Mango industry members who are interested in serving as a member of the NMB should visit mango.org/nominations for complete details, updates, and the necessary forms. Nominations must be received at the NMB office no later than Feb. 26, and questions about the nominations and appointment process can be directed to Anna Deschamps-Polonia at Apolonia@mango.org.