COACHELLA, CALIF. - California grower and wholesaler Mojave Gold is producing a gourmet raisin designed for charcuterie boards called Raisins on the Vine. 

"When people hear raisins, they think of Sun-Maid or the typical raisins you’d buy at a grocery store -- our raisins are nothing like that,” said Lynette Kizirian, owner of Mojave Gold. 

Raisins on the Vine are black in color, shaped like teardrops and sold on the stem in clusters. Mojave Gold describes the raisins as plump, meaty and sweet because of a higher sugar content.  

The labor-intensive harvesting process which includes hand-picked, washed, dried with hush-hush techniques, hand-clipped, and hand-packed to order, makes them a gourmet standout, according to the company. 

"When you’re looking for high-quality items that are going to add texture and visual appeal, it’s all about going beyond the norm and finding something that's truly unique,” said Amanda Marshall, chief marketing officer of Mojave Gold. “At the same time, it still has to enhance the salty and savory flavors of cured meats and aged cheeses.” 

The company recently launched a new website to serve the product where users can purchase the product, through an enhanced shopping experience and improved functionality. 

Mojave Gold’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with product information, new offerings, customer discounts, sale events, and essential company updates.