SUMMERLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF), developer and grower of Arctic apples, is launching new, individually sized 2-ounce packages of sliced Arctics in half-wedges or chunks. 

 The packages are available in 100-count cases in Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny varieties. 

“We are in the business of listening to our customers’ demands,” said Bob Wilkinson, director of sales for OSF. “We are excited to provide this new package option in response to consumer demand for a snack size option that’s convenient to add to any meal, or to eat on the go.” 

OSF is also looking forward to the release of its first red apple variety, Arctic Fuji, in Fall 2021. Just like other Arctic apple varieties, Arctic Fuji promises to deliver the home-sliced taste and texture that consumers expect from a pre-sliced apple.   

Arctic apples use the apple’s own genes to “turn off” the enzyme responsible for making apples turn brown when cut or bruised. The result is a longer shelf life and an apple slice that tastes and looks better, which means less food waste from harvest to consumption.