CHELSEA, MASS. – Kayem has released its first hand-crafted bacon. Kayem’s Maplewood and Double Smoked Bacon is now available on shelves in leading grocery stores across New England.  

“My family has been crafting the best tasting meats for over 100 years and our new bacon is exactly what you’d expect from Kayem. It’s pure awesome,” said Matt Monkiewicz, Kayem’s CEO. “New Englanders will finally be able to put bacon on their burgers or pair it with their eggs and taste what their ancestors had as real bacon.” 

Handcrafted in small batches, the Maplewood and Double Smoked bacon is made with premium hand-trimmed pork bellies to create the perfect ratio of lean pork and fat in every crispy bite.  

Each batch is smoked for up to 10 hours with proprietary blends of natural hardwoods, and the use of state-of-the-art smokehouses allow Kayem to tightly manage the levels of smoke, humidity, and temperature to yield a perfect slab of bacon, each and every time.  

For those looking for a hint of sweetness, the Maplewood bacon, which is also available in a butcher cut (33% thicker), is cured with real maple syrup single sourced exclusively from Butternut Mountain Farm in Vermont.