Ricker’s convenience stores recently opened a new location in Westfield, Indiana. This location is home to Ricker’s own brand of “made to order” menu options such as burritos, pizza and salads. “We are proud to offer such a fresh, high-quality and affordable product that is also unique to the Ricker’s brand,” said Ricker. “We prepare all food items fresh and in-store. Kiosks are in place to allow each order to be customized to the individual’s liking.”

The new location is the fifth and final flagship store the convenience store chain will open in 2015.

“This store follows the new flagship design of the Ricker’s brand,” said the company’s president and CEO, Quinn Ricker. “Quality food and drink offerings in convenience stores are the future of our industry.”

The store also features a variety of products that help Ricker’s to further break the mold of the typical convenience store. The store offers fresh “bean to cup” gourmet coffee, cappuccino, iced coffee and frappés along with several different flavor syrups and creamers. All machines employ reverse-osmosis water filtration.

The new Westfield store will also carry its own brand of frozen yogurt. Ricker’s self-serve frozen yogurt is available in a variety of flavors and topping combinations.

Since its inception in 1979, Ricker’s has grown to include more than 52 high-end convenience stores.