SHEBOYGAN FALLS, WIS. – Johnsonville is bringing its breakfast sausage lineup to the foodservice segment with the launch of its new breakfast portfolio.

The new products include fully cooked 0.8-oz links in Original, Maple and Turkey varieties; ready-to-cook 0.8-oz links in Original and Maple varieties; and fully cooked 1.5- and 2-oz patties in Original and Turkey varieties.

“Johnsonville breakfast products are prepared using a higher meat-to-fat ratio, which provides a better yield, less shrinkage after cooking, and better overall flavor and texture,” the company said.

The products are made from premium cuts of pork or turkey. They contain no high-fructose corn syrup, binders, added MSG, artificial colors or flavors. They are also made using collagen casings.  

“It’s our goal for foodservice operators who add Johnsonville their menu can yield wide consumer appeal while creating a powerful point of difference in the competitive breakfast market segment,” said Craig Yoder, senior product marketing manager for Johnsonville. “We believe that brand recognition can help operators improve their breakfast traffic and their sales.”