WOOSTER, OHIO – The Certified Angus Beef brand recently announced two changes to specifications that ensure consistent sizing of steaks. Starting Sept. 9, the fat thickness specification will read “1 inch or less” from “less than 1 inch.” CAB explained that the "subtle word change" would ensure more accurate measurements by US Department of Agriculture graders.

“Camera grading precision technology measures fat thickness out several decimal places,” CAB said. “The change simply provides consistency and clarity when calculating by fractions of an inch.”

The second change expands the product specification for rib eye area. CAB says the update allows the brand’s packing partners with an extended licensing agreement to box specific primals from carcasses meeting all quality specifications with maximum 19-square-inch ribeye area. Excluded from the brand are ribs, ribeyes, strip loins and short loins from these carcasses.

“This approach opens the door for foodservice and retail partners to access Certified Angus Beef briskets, tenderloins, short ribs and end meats for roasts and ground beef from those carcasses,” CAB said. “The exclusion of larger ribeyes, ribs, strip and short loins, maintains brand-quality plate presentations and thicker cuts for the key middle-meat items. Box quality, consistency and center-of-the-plate steaks presentation standards remain the same.”