HARTSVILLE, SC – Foodservice packaging company Novolex has released its second annual sustainability report detailing the company’s metrics on use of recycled and certified materials, greenhouse gases (GHGs), fleet efficiency and employee safety. 

"As Novolex continues to grow, we have identified key metrics to gauge our success and challenge ourselves to do even more," said Stan Bikulege, Novolex’s chairman and chief executive officer. "Our aim is to play a leading role in the circular economy. With COVID-19 reminding us of the importance of protective packaging, the time is now for manufacturers, NGOs, brand owners, government regulators and consumers to join together to expand the world's recycling infrastructure. Working together, we can get there." 

The report outlines that Novolex increased its used of post-consumer recycled (PCR) fiber and resin products in 2019. When using post-consumer recycled (PCR) material was not possible, Novolex focused on procuring Chain of Custody (COC) certified prime fiber content traceable to the original source.  When combined, 69% of fiber volume was either PCR or COC-certified content, an increase of 4% over 2018. 

Novolex will begin purchasing renewable energy to further reduce its emissions and will also continue to seek opportunities to make energy efficiency improvements at its plants. Additionally, the company reported progress by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from use of truck fleets. 

Novolex brands also introduced several new products designed with recycled or renewable materials. Products featured in the report include 50% rPET clamshells from WNA, 75% post-consumer recycled fiber freezer paper from BagCraft and retail bags made with 75% recycled content from Hilex. 

"Looking ahead, Novolex is committed to doing even more," said Erik Gonring, director of sustainability for Novolex. "Novolex is partnering with customers, suppliers, communities and others to develop solutions to further reduce the company's environmental footprint. These efforts will help develop the new circular economy in which products and materials are recycled and reused to eliminate waste." 

The full sustainability report is available here