La Brea Bakery has been busy during the coronavirus pandemic. The Los Angeles-based bakery has been working hard to stock grocery stores nationwide with bread products that are in high demand right now. La Brea also launched a frontline meals program in April to support healthcare workers, first responders and essential frontline employees in Los Angeles.
Recently, La Brea sought to learn about the eating habits of Americans during self-quarantines. The bakery surveyed 367 people nationwide and found the following results about changes in their habits:
  • 38% of people surveyed reported they are eating more bread than prior to the coronavirus
  • 92% reported they are buying bread from the grocery store, and 12% are buying directly from a local bakery
  • 56% of respondents continue to store bread on the counter while 50% are also keeping bread in the freezer for longer shelf life
  • 12% of respondents have made their own bread for the first time ever
  • 80% of respondents said they stocked up on foods to prepare for physical distancing
  • Out of that 80%, 52% shared that they bought extra bread to have on hand
  • 55% of respondents answered that they feel they’re eating more during quarantine than prior to the coronavirus
  • 73% are buying sliced sandwich bread, with hamburger/hot dog buns coming in second with 39% of respondents buying them during quarantine
In 1989, Nancy Silverton founded La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles, contributing to the growth of the artisan bread movement in the United States. Since that time, the bakery has gained national attention for its old-world baking techniques and sells its artisan breads across the country. That includes the bakery’s Take and Bake line, which has become popular with home bakers looking for quick, oven fresh breads that can be prepared in minutes.