AUSTIN, TEXAS – Whole Foods Market is offering customers the opportunity to take Home Ec 365, a digital curriculum designed to modernize the fundamentals of home economics and put a twist on the basics. 

Through a series of virtual classes, 'students’ will take on mastering everyday home tasks and need-to-know life skills from creative baking swaps and transforming food scraps to stocking up on grocery staples and choosing the right cleaning products. 

“Consumers are looking for new and creative ways to live their best and most delicious lives at home,” said Molly Siegler, senior program manager for culinary development at Whole Foods Market. “With the help of high-quality products from 365 by Whole Foods Market and instruction from a team of expert influencers, these classes help build some serious skills in adulting. Home Ec 365 combines necessary life skills and approachable advice with products that meet the strict quality standards Whole Foods Market has been committed to for 40 years.” 

The retailer is offering 365 participants exclusive coupons for free products that will help students stock up on essential 365 brand items needed for the virtual classes. 

Powered by Teachable, available classes include: 

  • Swap-Savvy Baking: Getting Creative with Recipes & Replacements – Led by Joy Wilson, participants will learn what to do if they run out of staple ingredients like butter or eggs, or just want to switch things up with a new type of flour. 

  • So Fresh & So Clean: How to Effectively Clean Your Appliances – Led by clean queen, organization enthusiast and mom vlogger Jessica Tull, this course will help participants streamline deep cleaning and get the best results from hardworking appliances like the fridge and dishwasher. 

  • Use 'Em Up! How to Transform Food Scraps & Leftovers – Led by chef and well-being advocate Sophia Roe, participants will learn how to reinvent recipes with leftover ingredients like broccoli stalks and other overlooked produce parts and even that almost-empty jar of mustard hiding on the bottom shelf of the fridge. 

  • Smarter Shopping: Save, Stock & Invest – Led by the grocery store guy Bobby Parrish, this course teaches when to spend a little extra and which pantry staples to save on. Participants will also learn how to organize their fridge and pantry, plus tips to transform at-home dinners. 

Enrollment for the courses can be found here