WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – New research funded by and Pulse Canada found that a beef patty blended with lentils results in a more sustainable, nutritious and cost-effective burger. 

The study identified that reformulating a lean beef burger patty with 33% cooked lentil puree reduces the burger’s carbon, water and land-use footprint by approximately 33%. The research also found that the blended lentil burger had an added 3 grams of fiber, 12% fewer calories, 32% less saturated and total fats and 32% less cholesterol per 4-ounce serving. The blend also reduced production costs by 26%. 

"With an estimated one-third of Americans identifying as 'flexitarian,' people are looking for ways to incorporate more plant protein into their diets while still enjoying animal products," said Amber Johnson, director of marketing and communications at "A lentil blend offers consumers a chance to align preferences with aspirations."