ORLANDO, FLA. - The National Mango Board (NMB) reported that mangoes are having a successful run at retail this year, moving up in Nielsen’s fruit rankings from 13th to 12th in volume velocity and from 20th to 17th in dollar velocity.  

According to the NMB there has been a 5% increase in whole mango volume year over year for the first half of 2020, with sales of over 200 million mangoes. Fresh-cut mangoes had a 3.3% increase in dollar velocity, while frozen mangoes had a 39.6% increase in dollar velocity during the first half of 2020. 

“Despite the unprecedented impact of the current pandemic, we’re pleased to see retail growth for mangoes and increasing demand from consumers,” said Manuel Michel, executive director at the NMB. “We are motivated and inspired to continue our work with the entire mango supply chain as we work toward our vision of mangoes becoming a daily necessity in every US household. As we celebrate National Mango Day, we encourage everyone to enjoy this super fun superfruit, in addition to its amazing flavor, mangoes are nutritious, versatile and available all year long.”