DENVER - Analytics company Trax has worked with Nielsen to enhance Shelf Pulse, a data platform providing CPG brands with critical shelf insights and intelligence to drive continued category growth and sales. 

Shelf Pulse provides brands a robust view into the store, enabling a deeper understanding of how their products, categories and competitors are performing. The platform delivers customized and frequent digitized measurements of in-store merchandising, planogram conditions and competitive presence, allowing brands to furnish retail partners with unbiased and data-driven recommendations to increase sales and improve KPIs. 

“The impact of COVID-19 on the retail industry has been monumental and brands need help planning new and more effective strategies in order to be successful,” said David Gottlieb, managing director of the Americas for Trax. “Shelf Pulse is crucial for CPG brands to understand how their categories are performing and how in-store conditions are impacting sales. In turn, this knowledge is invaluable to retail partners, as it can answer important questions related to which products are over- or under-spaced, how valuable a product is to the category and store, how position impacts sales in the category, and much more.” 

Companies using Shelf Pulse have access to: 

  • Robust and Representative Samples: Designed by Nielsen, covering representative samples of stores across retailers that matter the most, from Walmart and Target to the leading grocery chains and other retailers in all channels.  

  • Pre- and Post-Reset Visibility: Allows brands to gain a quick impact evaluation of all category products, brands and segments.  

  • Complete View of Performance: Reveals the most important metrics of category shelf condition such as Share of Shelf, Distribution, Shelf Positions, Adjacencies, and more. 

  • Full Analysis Flexibility: With insights delivered through a powerful business intelligence platform, enabling brands to compile specific datasets according to business needs and share across their organization.