SHELTON, CONN. - Inline Plastics has redesigned its Safe-T-Fresh Rectangle packaging to feature smooth walls with an eye-catching contemporary shape in a single-piece clamshell. 

The new design meets increased market demand for greater visibility of contents — a trend accelerated by COVID-19 —and allows an unobstructed view with alluring curves that provide exceptional clarity, creating attractive showcases which allow the contents to take center stage. 

The new design retains all the advanced product features of the original Safe-T-Fresh® line, including: 

  • Patented Safe-T-Fresh® tamper evident/tamper resistant technology 

  • Industry-leading leak resistance 

  • 100% recyclable; #1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins 

  • Processor friendly and automation compatible 

  • Made in the US 

“Inline Plastics transformed the marketplace as the first manufacturer to develop the Safe-T-Fresh® tear-strip technology for greater product protection," said Tom Orkisz, chairman and chief executive officer of Inline Plastics. “Now, we are building on that legacy of innovation by creating a new modern design, single piece clamshell that provides customers with enhanced product display and showcasing capabilities. Moreover, in this era of heightened awareness and focus on food quality and safety, we are excited to empower retailers with a clear choice in packaging and consumers with a better shopping experience.”