On Wednesday, July 1, Dawn Foods unveiled its eCommerce platform for existing retail bakery customers across the United States. The online platform streamlines the ordering process for the global bakery manufacturer and ingredients supplier’s customers, making it more convenient, efficient, simple and easy to navigate for all of their baking supply needs.

“The biggest win this year is launching eCommerce for our customers,” says Bob Howland, chief digital officer of Dawn. “With this exciting new offering, Dawn is adding to its history of innovation by creating its own digital path - driving significant change across its core business. This platform was built with input from our pilot program customers and in partnership with some of the best companies in the digital space. Now, Dawn customers can conveniently explore all of our products and find inspiration and insights to help grow their business.”

“Dawn has made the online ordering process very easy,” says James Blackford, owner of Jupiter Donuts in Largo, Florida. “Being able to see all the products that Dawn offers on one platform is a game changer. You can do all your ordering 24/7 on your mobile device if necessary. And when you’re a busy business owner that saves precious time.”

Last year, Dawn initiated a digital pilot program with over 100 customers, which allowed the company to understand the features customers needed most and how they interacted with the platform. The most important elements for Dawn customers were simplicity, accessibility and speed. Around the clock access to the platform was especially significant. For instance, the pilot program showed over 25% of orders were submitted on the weekend and close to 30% of orders were submitted outside of regular business hours.

With Dawn’s new eCommerce platform, customers can quickly place orders, see the entire product catalog and view their order history. They can also use the following features:

  • Accessible search tools including filtering, sorting and pairing suggestions
  • Ability to access the platform via desktop, tablet or mobile
  • 24/7 ordering, allowing customers to place orders while doing inventory whenever and wherever they want with easy one-click reordering options
  • Payment portal integration to view and manage invoices

Following the platform’s launch, Dawn plans to continue listening to customer feedback – using it to guide its creation of new platform features and updates that will enhance the user experience.

“This is an exciting moment for the bakery industry,” says Howland. “Customers have been asking for online ordering. Our digital journey has just begun.”