HATFIELD, PA. - Clemens Food Group and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Downers Grove, Ill., have formed a partnership to offer Clemens’ pork No-Antibiotics-Ever (NAE) brand, Farm Promise.  Fresh Thyme Farmers Market will be the first large-scale retailer to commit to a Farm Promise-branded ‘Never-Ever’ 100% Antibiotic-Free Pork in all the retailer’s stores.  

“At Fresh Thyme, we are thrilled to work with Clemens Food Group and the Farm Promise brand,” said Jason Resner, Fresh Thyme’s vice president of meat and seafood. “We always put our shoppers’ best interests first and are looking to find those strategic supplier partners who align with our brand promise. The Farm Promise pork offering really stood out because it addresses several of the benefits consumers are looking for today in pork proteins.” 

The distribution deal replaces Fresh Thyme’s conventional offerings with the Farm Promise NAE brand. A combination of bacon, sausage, ground pork, fresh pork tenderloins and chops will be available to shoppers starting the week of July 6. 

Farm Promise pork is a farm-to-table brand, benefiting from Clemens Food Group’s vertically integrated network that distributes supply from American farms throughout the nation. Clemens pigs are never given antibiotics, are 100% gestation crate-free, and are fed a vegetarian diet. The brand is an all-natural, NAE alternative to conventional pork. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership! Fresh Thyme’s mission aligns perfectly with ours; and as we continue to grow the Farm Promise name, we look for top-quality retailers with a sizeable market footprint,” said Sandra Sage, vice president of market solutions at Clemens Food Group. “Fresh Thyme’s rapid expansion naturally puts us in the perfect position to capitalize on the ‘accountable food’ market. In short, it was the perfect fit.”