The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) announced the release of its latest original research, Snacking Opportunities: Building Better Snacks. Developed in conjunction with The Hartman Group, the report identifies key ways food retailers can elevate snacking experiences across bakery, dairy, deli, prepared foods, and specialty cheese to meet consumers’ evolving needs for customizable, convenient, and healthier snacking options, as well as new taste discoveries.

Featured in the report are:

An analysis of the snacking behavior and eating trends of today’s shoppers.

An examination of the product characteristics customers look for when purchasing snacks, such as flavors, nutrition, and freshness.

Key drivers on snacking occasions for fresh perimeter categories.

Actionable ideas for retailers to promote snacks and engage with shoppers.

The free report, along with a photo album of snacking concepts and merchandising ideas from the Dairy-Deli-Bake Show & Sell Center, is available here.

Snacking Opportunities: Building Better Snacks is the latest research report developed by IDDBA. Other recent research includes Online Grocery Models: Click & Collect and Drive Digital Merchandising for Deli and Bakery; High Stakes of Food Safety in Dairy, Deli, Bakery & Prepared Foods; Total Store Connectivity: Revealing New Pathways to Win – Specialty Cheese and Engaging the Evolving Shopper: Serving the New American Appetite. IDDBA members have access to all association research at

“The rise in daily snacking occasions creates ideal opportunities for retailers to connect with shoppers, as fresh perimeter departments are prime locations to feature fresh, healthy, and single-serve products,” said Alan Hiebert, senior education coordinator, IDDBA. “Our latest research provides retailers with data and insight on how to engage with customers by examining their snacking shopping habits and food preferences.”